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“I had struggled for decades with a couple of personal issues, and thought I would never be relieved from their control. At times, I felt helpless, guilty, and depressed because of the emotional charges they brought on a regular basis. After one wonderful session with Iza, I can proudly say I’ve been relieved from those negative behaviors. Of course, in the beginning I was afraid and nervous to take the proper steps to heal myself. However, under the guidance of such a wonderful healer, I can now say that I am personally free of any of those emotional charges. God, it feels so good to be relieved. If you are looking for help with any issue/s which are currently troubling you, then you’ve come to the right place for healing. Much love and support for those who are on the path to heal.” – Ed O.


“I would recommend this place to anyone. Iza makes her space extremely safe and welcoming. The way I felt during and after my treatment is something I hope to take with me daily. She is confident, gentle and so very talented.” – Cheane S.


“Iza is amazing. She is professional and compassionate. I learned the amazing benefits of hypnosis and am so thankful. Her work is very effective. I felt comfortable revealing my innermost funk and she really helped me articulate the emotional family issue I needed to overcome so that I could not be so affected. I would definitely recommend her.” – Morgan J.


“I am so grateful a friend referred me to Iza Bella! After just one session I felt such a dramatic transformation!! It felt like a major weight was lifted from my shoulders. Iza Bella is extremely knowledgeable, and made me feel super comfortable from the minute I walked in. Definitely go see her to work through anything that is holding you back!!” – Justine S.


“I can’t say enough kind words about Iza! Hypnosis was suggested to me by a friend after I had failed my NCLEX exam twice. I was somewhat skeptical but decided to try it after I had talked on the phone with Iza. I felt so comfortable upon our initial meeting. The whole process was enlightening and really helped me to relax and refocus. I passed my test a week later and definitely feel the hypnosis helped me in a way books, studying, teachers couldn’t. I would absolutely recommend Bella Healing Hypnosis to anyone for so many different reasons.” – Amy G.


“This was an amazing experience that provided insight and clarity to myself. Iza Bella definitely has the gift of “healing.” And, this is so much more than just “hypnosis.” I strongly recommend and will see her again.” – Micaela K.


“I liked Iza at hello! She’s friendly, warm, and immediately made me feel comfortable. During our session, she helped me understand why I was having panic attacks while driving. The session helped get rid of the anxiety I was experiencing. I feel so much better and didn’t realize how much my fears were holding me back. If I do start to feel anxious, I use the tools she taught me to calm down. I am so grateful I found her, and would highly recommend this caring individual to all!” – Lyra O.


“Bella’s Technique is powerful. She opened up and resolved issues for me no one has been able to address. Insightful, professional, and results driven, I would recommend her service.”  – Kurt H.


“In a single session, Iza helped me kick a habit I had been struggling with for 10 years. I felt extremely comfortable and reassured when working with her, and she addressed the root of the issue and also helped with my anxiety and insomnia (two things I didn’t even intend to use the session to focus on). The best part was the custom recording she sent me to listen to on my own whenever I want to re-instill the positive behaviors we set up during the session. I left her office feeling confident and fully in the driver seat of my life, and the feeling hasn’t subsided since!” – Kristen R.


“This was my first experience with hypnosis. Iza is very warm, welcoming, and caring. Although I have no other hypnotic experiences to compare it to, it is evident that she is very good at what she does. I would definitely recommended her for those who have a nicotine addiction and really want to stop.” – Eric R.


“Iza used several different methods including hypnosis to help me quit smoking. She taught me the EFT tapping method to address not only my fears about quitting, but also my fears about other aspects of my life that underlie my desire to smoke. She also provided an anchor with which to resolve any residual need for cigarettes post-hypnosis. Her warmth and concern for my well-being were evident throughout the session, and she spent significant time preparing for the session in a phone interview as well as following up with me with email afterward. I remain smoke-free and am completely satisfied with Iza’s work. It was well worth her fee to work with her.”  – Fran C.


“Iza is obviously a warm and caring person besides being an excellent therapist. Her approach to my smoking problems included a pre-hypnosis interview, a long and fruitful therapy session, and a concerned and helpful follow-up. I enjoyed working with Iza and would not hesitate to recommend her to family or friends needing any sort of assistance.”  – Ned C.


“Thanks for accepting my Friend request. To date, Ned and I remain smoke-free thanks to your help, and we’re both very happy to be so!” – Fran C.


“I went through a difficult time, and intuited that there were deep thoughts or feelings that I needed to address, but couldn’t figure out how. My session was personally transformative. Iza is incredibly perceptive and skilled, and also warm, compassionate, openhearted and trustworthy. I can’t recommend Bella Healing Hypnosis enough!” – Emily K.


“Iza was absolutely great! I had no clue what to expect, and she definitely pulled through with more than I would have thought.  You can tell she genuinely cares about you and enjoys the process of working with you.  A clear example is the more than extra free time she gave me, as her focus remained on helping me accomplish my goals.”

“It was also better than I thought because I felt like was getting a Therapist and Hypnotist in one.  As someone (like most of society) who typically feels they don’t need a therapist, or are above therapists, I found a lot of value in being able to talk through a lot of the issues I’ve been having and receiving her creative solutions for dealing with those issues (lots of visualizations to give concreteness to the ideas in your head).  Then, after all that, she has the skills to tie it together and engage you in a hypnotism that aims to resolve these issues on a much deeper level in your brain.  I find this therapy / hypnotism combination to be very powerful and synergistic.”

 “I imagine the hypnotism portion can be pretty unpredictable because it depends on the person as much as it does her skills.  That said, you will never doubt her true caring and best efforts towards you as a human being.  Thus, I truly believe you’ll find taking the chance worthwhile.  I aspire to connect with others as the way she did with me.”  Client X


“I was a powder keg ready to blow. I was in a very bad place and had been for some time. I was negative, angry and agitated all the time, was sound sensitive, was just trying to hold it together all the while lashing out at family and friends. And this was in addition to anxiety disorder and depression. I really needed help. I went to Iza at Bella Healing Hypnosis for two hypnotherapy sessions and an energy healing session. I can’t say enough about what she did for me.”

“During our first session, she put me in a hypnotic state. It was very pleasant and I felt as though I was taking a light nap. She had me “unload” my repressed anger, guilt, blame and all the fear I was carrying around. When she brought me out of the hypnotic state, I felt very well-rested and much lighter. It literally felt like I had taken a huge burden off my back. The second session we went into my past and she addressed more specific repressed issues. It was incredible. I was harboring feelings about things I didn’t even know about. But now they are all out and gone.”

“It’s amazing. I feel so much better. I actually feel more relaxed, positive and serene – not a word anyone who knows me would use to describe me. I am more productive and I feel like the “real me” I haven’t felt like in years. In addition, I had bursitis in my right heel. I didn’t even think to tell Iza about it, but it is now gone. My doctor said it would likely take nine months to go away. Iza healed that during an energy healing session and she didn’t even know about the bursitis.”

“I highly recommend Bella Healing Hypnosis to anyone looking for help and better health. I am very thankful for Iza and the work she did on me. I am truly more healthy, happy and very grateful for my experience with her. She is truly gifted.”    – Jean B.


“A very gifted, intuitive coach/therapist. I highly recommend Iza for anyone who has the desire to look deep inside for answers.”  – Tom H.


“I decided to see a hypnotherapist after YEARS of struggling with my weight- about a decade, in fact- and I chose to take that leap with Iza on kind of on a whim. My first appointment was May 3. From the very start, Iza made me feel comfortable in her presence, which allowed me to open my mind to the experience. Naturally, I had no idea what to expect, only having experienced “hypnosis” on TV and in movies, and naturally, I was skeptical. That skepticism took a hike about 5 minutes into my first session in a hypnoidal state. I had full control over my thoughts, and none at all over my physical being.” 

“I started feeling the effects of the therapy immediately after leaving her office. Where I had always been a slave to some misguided feeling of being “hungry,” I was now driving past favorite fast food spots without a second glance. Where I had almost always snuck a in a sugary snack or two into my basket during routine shopping errands, I was now gravitating almost exclusively toward natural, healthy options. My entire relationship with food has changed (I’m a pastry chef!)”

“It has now been about 6 weeks since my first appointment, with one session left, I’m down approximately 10 lbs so far, and I feel better now than I can remember in the years since high school. I’m in control of my wills and of my relationship not only with food, but also with physical activity. I couldn’t have done this without the help of this therapy, and I couldn’t imagine receiving treatment from anyone but Iza!”

“A thousand times, THANK YOU!!”  – Samantha W.


“Iza is a wise, authentic and passionate healer with a strong talent and focus on empowering women to be their true powerful selves. She is deeply compassionate and highly attuned intuitively to the needs of her clients.”  – Martina S.


“I was feeling lost and very depressed, crying the majority of every day. Suicidal. On a whim, I searched hypnotists in the area and found Bella. I didn’t know what to expect besides wanting to feel like normal people do. She made me feel welcomed, comfortable and safe. She is a very warm and loving person”.

“As I relaxed in her office, I started feeling drowsy, and warm. I thought I fell asleep. I heard her say (as if in a dream) I’m going to count to five. When I reach 5 you will be awake. And it was as easy as that. When I left, there was literally a spring in my step and I was seeing everything as if it was new to me. The buildings, the architecture, trees, everything looked more beautiful. I can’t fully describe the change I felt. And still feel …”

“I will say I would have paid 10X what she charged for the change I feel …Thank you Miss Bella for saving my life!!”   – Russ K.


“Healing hypnosis is an indescribable experience. Iza took me into a deep state of hypnosis where I could feel true Soul connection and healing. Self doubt was non-existent! I am so grateful for the bond created with my subconscious, opening me up to who I AM.”  – Erica C.


“My experience with Bella Healing Hypnosis was beyond my expectations. Initially I had many questions, as much of this is new to me. I was made very comfortable from my very first call in, in that the professional I spoke with took a great deal of time to understand and answer my questions.”

“Upon meeting, I was very pleased that more questions were answered and a truer understanding of concepts I was studying, were clarified. At completion of the session, I felt the more calm, open and connected sense I am striving for. The experience was elevating in every way and I look forward to additional sessions.” – Thomas G.


“I felt totally comfortable and relaxed. Totally comfortable telling Iza things I wouldn’t dare say aloud. She was compassionate and understanding towards my feelings. She really helped me see another side to my situation. When leaving my session I felt like my eyes were opened for the first time. I would definitely go back and definitely recommend to everyone. I had a light heart and a good feeling that things would be okay. She really helped me tap into my own power and see my own light! IZA IS AMAZING!” – Glo G.


“I feel my life has changed for the better since my appointments with you at Bella Healing Hypnosis. The healing sessions have proved that your study, insights, experiences and gifts make a difference and bring healing to mind, body and spirit. Since our sessions, I have noticed changes in my interactions with people in general. Anxious feelings and a stiffness in my posture have lessened. I feel more spontaneous, comfortable and less tense. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for complete health. Thank you, Iza, for your help. I look forward to seeing you again soon.” Tom B.


“Iza is an amazing healer! Through hypnosis, she has truly helped me achieve peace with my past. After seeing her, I was able to address a deep seeded issue and now I feel like a weight has been lifted. I would definitely recommend her services.” – Shannon B.


“Our session was my first experience with hypnosis. I felt very comfortable, relaxed and open. Would recommend to anyone.”  – Elizabeth D.


“I can not say enough about Bella Healing Hypnosis!! Iza has helped me in so many ways and I am extremely thankful for all she has done for me. I have tried everything to lose weight, every diet, you name it! The only thing I had not tried was hypnosis so I was willing to give it a go. My problem was with willpower and not following through with things. I was not sure what to expect with the hypnosis but…. IT WORKED!!! I have lost 20 pounds so far! Iza is just amazing and I am so glad I found her! She really cares and wants the best for people and it shows! She is so down to earth and knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend her to anyone for help with any aspect in their lives. I have found out first hand that hypnosis really does work. Thank you so much for everything Iza!!!” – Janine R.


“Iza is amazing! She helped me with mind hypnosis to stop negative subconscious thoughts and helped me heal from bad past experiences and let the positive experiences thrive. She also coaches me to help stop negative thoughts in their tracks so they do not bring me and my day down. It’s a long road for me but every step I take – she is helping me by putting me in the right direction. I highly recommend her!” – Heather S.


“I highly recommend Bella Healing Hypnosis. Iza is wonderful to work with and very easy to talk to. I never felt uncomfortable or judged, only encouraged.” – Amy K.


“Iza was a pleasure to work with, and the healing hypnosis therapy session provided immediate benefits, and gave me some valuable tools to better manage my state of being going forward.” – Eric S.
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